VUSC Past Students and Staff Association

 VUSC College Year 11 scholarship winners

Proudly sponsored by the Association

2015 Winners

The award recipients are Joanne Scott and Sunny Tai.

2014 Winners

The award recipients are Brooke Gane and Masoud Sahebi.

2013 Winners 

Once again the Alumni Association was pleased to present a scholarship to one male and one female student who have shown a commitment to their studies, and determination to continue to Year 12. The scholarship will be used by the College towards meeting some of their educational expenses. The Association is proud to support these students.

Steven Rowley, Emma Psaila and Emir Dozic

Involvement from any past student or teacher is keenly sought. Please register and support your Alumni Association. If not a member, click here to download the form.

2012 Winners

One of the pleasant things the Association has carried out is to present an award to two students during the 2012 awards ceremony in December, held at the Flemington Racecourse. This is something we will continue and I look forward to making awards during this year’s ceremony. Regrettably, no photo is available of the other award winner, Emmily Springthorp.

Neville Box, Ludo Rosas and Steven Rowley

Ludo Rosas and Steven Rowley

Steven Rowley, the Association President, participated in a number of morning assemblies, talking briefly about the Association and encouraging students to get involved. It is important for students at every VUSC campus to be aware of the Association, realizing that it is a valuable mechanism for supporting activities, maintaining contact with past students, organizing reunions and participate in school events, and the Association is planning to hold reunions in 2014.

With the administrative setup completed, the VUSC Alumni Association can now devote itself fully to promote itself among the student body, produce regular newsletters, contribute articles to the College magazine, and organize more events. Work needs to be done on our Facebook page, and we would welcome an expert willing to become its administrator.