St. Albans Technical School is Opened!

In July, 1956, at a meeting of committee members at St. Albans East State School No. 4741, a letter was sent to the Victorian Minister of Education, proposing the building of a technical school in St. Albans. On February 7, 1962, Mr. A.T. Brown, Principal, opened St. Albans Tech School at Jamieson Street with 80 students. Mr. H. Holyoak was appointed headmaster.

From those humble beginings, the school is now the Brimbank campus of the VUSC.

Welcome to Victoria University Secondary College

Victoria University Secondary College offers a warm welcome to all members of the college community. At our college we pride ourselves on setting high standards for ourselves and our students. We offer a wide range of courses so that every individual can develop their talents and explore their own areas of interest. Our exemplary Performing Arts program is one of which we are very proud. Our High Achievers Program provides extension and challenge for highly proficient students. The broad range of sporting pursuits the college offers provide students with the chance to excel in the physical arena, while our strong focus on academic achievement encourages students make the most of their learning and build successful future careers. The rich program of learning the college offers makes it wonderful to be a part of such a vibrant and caring college.

We are in a very exciting phase of the College's development at the moment. We have recently merged two secondary colleges and at the end of the year will merge with the third. Our merger was brought about by the local community recognizing that broader educational provision would best serve the needs of the students in the community. As a growing multi-campus college, with approximately 1250 students, we are able to offer programs to suit all students. We will soon be undertaking a building program that will see us with brand new facilities on both the junior and senior campuses. We have designed a school based on the concept of learning villages. Our underpinning idea, that it 'takes a village to raise a child', led us to create a learning village system. Our learning villages, each with its own group of teachers, will provide a safe and caring environment in which to learn and develop. The learning village will provide students with academic challenge, cultural and leadership development and be the basis of the school's sporting and community development program. Our motto "Create the Future" challenges students to learn and develop their skills so that they not only create an exciting future for themselves but become strong contributors to the local and global community. At Victoria University Secondary College we expect students to:

  • Aspire to Achieve
  • Strengthen the Community, and
  • Respect themselves and others

Victoria University Secondary College is structured around year level Learning Communities which means that students are taught by a smaller number of teachers than usual. This enables teachers to form close connections with students and families and get to know each student really well. Students have commented to me that they feel very much a valued part of our school community. Each year level has their own dedicated area within the school so that students can identify with their 'home' space. Years 7 & 8 have classroom libraries in their learning spaces so students have easy access to books at all times.

The college staff are most caring of their students and expert in teaching their subject areas. We offer a comprehensive and well designed curriculum program which extends students' skills and develops a lively interest in learning. This is well supported by exciting learning environments supported by the latest technology. Ready access to computers is available in all classrooms via our wireless network and many laptops available for student use.

Our programs are designed for students with a wide range of interests. Through our Performing Arts program, we cater for budding actors and dancers and aspirant musicians with our specialist music and bands program. Students interested in academic studies and those interested in practical hands on learning are all catered for at the Brimbank campus. Our VCE results are excellent. Our Learning Communities encourage every student to follow their interests and reach their potential.

Our Learning Communities are one of the unique features of the college. Each of the Learning Communities has its own physical area in the school and its own special focus. Year 7 & 8 work on an integrated curriculum and have a heavy focus on building students' literacy and numeracy skills. Year 9 has its TEAM 9 program which involves students in a particular 'flavour' each term. These range from the 'City Experience' to 'Health and Well Being'. Year 10 focuses strongly on careers and future pathways preparation. Students in years 7-10 have a contact teacher, who is their special teacher. They meet with their class daily in contact group and in the younger years teach them two subjects. Contact teachers are keen to know the children and families in their contact group. Students' lockers are located near their learning community area, as are their leaders and teachers.

Our partnership with Victoria University, situated adjacent to the site where our new senior campus will be built, encourages students to continue their education after school and to fully develop exciting careers.

Parents and prospective students are warmly invited to come and see the wonderful educational experiences we offer students in secondary schooling. If you would like a tour please ring the College and make an appointment. We look forward to seeing you at Victoria University Secondary College.

Genevieve Simson
College Principal

Vision and Values

At Victoria University Secondary College the vision, which our students, staff and parent community work towards each day is "Create The future".

We work towards this vision by:

  • Aspiring to Achieve
  • Strengthening our Community
  • Respecting ourselves and others

Brimbank Campus

The Brimbank Campus is located in Jamieson Street, St. Albans and has students from Year Seven through to Year Twelve. The campus has been established for almost fifty years and currently has an enrolment of approximately 750 students. At the Brimbank Campus we celebrate our diversity and individuality by providing the widest possible personal, academic and practical experiences for all of our students.

We provide a modern, quality, challenging and purposeful curriculum program; allowing for individual needs, as well as innovative and exciting enrichment programs to operate. Our comprehensive Literacy and Numeracy program encourages students to achieve the best possible outcomes in all subject areas.

At the Brimbank Campus, students benefit from a fully developed gymnasium, drama complex, music, technology, science and home economics centres, supported by a cyber-library and resource centre, computer rooms and multimedia setup. Outside, the facilities include two tennis courts, netball and basketball courts and large playing fields.

Students are encouraged to participate in drama and musical productions, the College Band, debating, public speaking, sport and a number of lunchtime and after-school clubs.

Deer Park Campus

The Deer Park campus was established in 1973. It is currently a medium size co-educational campus with an enrolment of approximately 600 students, which is slowly on the increase. It is situated twenty kilometres west of the centre of Melbourne, in a well-established residential suburb, with new housing developments in close proximity to Cairnlea, Burnside and Brimbank Gardens in the City of Brimbank.

The school is set in well-maintained and attractive grounds, and the physical appearance of the school is enhanced by the native gardens and trees. Over a million dollars has been spent in recent years on maintenance and purpose-built facilities. The buildings are well maintained and equipped. The campus has three fully equipped computer laboratories, a bank of networked computers in the library, an increasing number of computers and hubs attached to classrooms, sets of laptop trolleys and netbooks for classroom use, E-mail access for all students, and community access, in order to provide links between the college and students' homes.

The school facilities have been enhanced with the erection of sails (shade cloth) in each courtyard, the near completion of an all weather multipurpose court suitable for basketball, netball, tennis, soccer and hockey, as well as the building of a roof over the library courtyard. The campus also has the community using the Activity Centre after school hours.

The campus has numerous programs in place to encourage students to achieve high levels of literacy and numeracy and to develop their personal attributes and qualities, which will enable them to operate effectively in the school community. The campus also promotes a safe and supportive environment, which encourages high levels of teaching and learning.

Parent's Association

Victoria University Secondary College has a very strong reputation for parent and community involvement in the everyday life of our school. We welcome the involvement of parents, family and friends. Our Parents' Association meet regularly at both the Brimbank and Deer Park Campuses to discuss school related issues as well as organise fundraising events and College functions.

If parents are interested in participating in the Parents' Association, they can contact the College directly with their details.

College Board

The College Board has responsibility under the Education Act for making educational policy decisions. Decisions are made using normal voting procedures (see Council Standing Orders - Section 2.5). The Board is assisted in the processes associated with the responsibility by its Education and Resources Committees, which use participative and consensus decision making processes.

The College Board meet monthly on Wednesday evenings. The Sub Committees of Education and Resources also meet on Wednesday evenings in the weeks prior to the full College Board Meetings.

Annual elections are conducted. Parents are represented on the Board and can be nominated for positions when vacancies arise. Positions are of two-year duration. However, College Board meetings are conducted as an open forum and interested parents are welcome to attend.

Terms of Reference for Policy Forums

  • To be accountable to the Minister for Education and the College community for achievement of college goals, reporting on student achievement and compliance with the requirements of the DEECD.
  • To determine the general educational policy of the College within guidelines issued by the Minister.
  • To authorise programs and set annual budgets designed to achieve College goals.
  • To ensure that College facilities are maintained and developed in the best interests of students.
  • To produce an Annual Report of its proceedings.