How did it all Begin

With the changing face of the St. Albans Technical School, the students who attended its formative years have also changed. Everyone had drifted away to pursue their life's goals. It was time to bring those people together. In 2007, Barrie Bowers - English class teacher (1963-1967), and Martin Tolhurst - student (1962-1966), organized the first student reunion for the class of 1962. This function was repeated for the class of 2007. Following the success of these events, additional reunions were organized:

2007 - graduates of the 1997 intake

2008 - class of 1963 and 1998

2009 - class of 1964, 1968, 1969, 1999

2010 - class of 1970, 1989, 2005

Because of the need to main ongoing interest and hold additional reunions, the organizers decided to incorporate and form an Alumni Association. In November 2010 the Victoria University Secondary College Past Students and Staff Association was formally incorporated to bring together students and staff who attended the St. Albans Technical School, Jamieson Park Secondary College, Brimbank College and what is today the Victoria University Secondary College, encompassing the Brimbank, Kealba and Deer Park Secondary College campuses.