2012 - March

Friday 9th March 2012

Alumni website operational!

After a lot of hard work by Tim Schubert at Allardice Group, the St. Albans Tech School Alumni Association website has finally gone live. The site can be accessed from the VUSC website by clicking on the History & Alumni button on the menu bar:


Or directly from:


The website provides a wealth of historical information about the school, the Association, various committees and much more. Use the ‘Contact Us’ function to get in touch with the Association Secretary for queries or simply to provide a comment.

What does the website provide:

- Monthly Newsletter - automatically emailed to everyone

- News Articles - automatically emailed to everyone

- Upcoming Events Summary

- Electronic Forms (login, registration, contact a member)

- Enquiry Form

- Online registration or cancellation

- Member profiles

- Search for a member & browse list of results

- Photo gallery of the VUSC campus, college and Association events.

Why use the Alumni website:

- Provides useful information about the VUSC, staff, aims, programs and events.

- Teachers, parents and students can use the website to share ideas.

- Increases profile of the VUSC in the community.

- Encourages feedback from the community, parents, teachers and students.

- Alerts of upcoming VUSC activities and encourages involvement.

- Provides for interaction and engagement in life and work experiences.

- Encourages social and professional networking.

- Participate in Alumni Association and VUSC activities and events.

The Association meets at 7:30 pm on the first Wednesday of every month at the St. Albans VUSC campus, college staff room, James St. Come along, become involved in Association activities and make a genuine impact!

50th Anniversary Event

Luisa Fletcher, the VUSC Anniversary event coordinator, has held meetings with school committee members to plan the event. There is a lot to be covered and done, but the initial plan is:

- Hold the event on 15 September

- A barbecue will be held, with coffee and cakes

- The school drama and music groups will hold performances

- Memorabilia and old school photos will be available

- A dinner will be organized where people can meet, reminisce and have a good time

Lots more to be done, and the Alumni Association will contribute to the planning and organizing of this important event. Anyone interested in helping, or if you have ideas, please contact the Association Secretary using the 'Contact Us' button.

Be involved and have fun!