2013 - May - Annual General Meeting

Friday 10th May 2013

Past Students and Staff Association, Inc.

Victoria University Secondary College

Incorporating the VUSC Brimbank campus (formerly known as the St. Albans Technical School, Jamieson Park SC, Brimbank SC), Deer Park SC and Kealba SC campuses

Annual General Meeting

On May 8, the VUSC Alumni Association held its Annual General Meeting at the VUSC Brimbank Campus, James Street. Mr. Neville Box, Campus Principal, kindly provided an interesting update of College activities and plans, especially those surrounding the establishment of the Cairnlea campus. This was followed by formal presentation of reports for the year from the office bearers. After the meeting, people let their hair down and had some fun, proceedings helped with some drinks and snacks.


1.       President:

  • Allardice Group has developed a very good website for the Association and is carrying out functional enhancements.
  • The Alumni Association database currently holds 5,578 student records.
  • Seeking to obtain student records from the Deer Park campus.
  • The 50th Anniversary reunion function held in September 2012 would not have been such a success without the tireless efforts of Luisa Fletcher.
  • The Year 12 graduation event held in December was well organized and although the Alumni Association did not get any new members, it did gain exposure among attending students and staff.
  • During the ceremony, the Association made a donation to a Brimbank and Deer Park campus student.
  • The Association president attended a meeting where students had an opportunity to meet business people and discuss how to look for a job and handle interviews. This is a program that should be encouraged to expand.
  • Avenues need to be explored to contact past students as existing records lack adequate contact information.
  • A request was made to the Brimbank Campus Principal, Neville Box, to obtain an expression of interest from any student willing to become the Association Facebook administrator.

 2.       Secretary:

  • The Alumni Association office bearers and committee members have met every month during the year.
  • The College has provided the Association an office, computer, storage and display cabinets.
  • During the Open School Day following the 50th Anniversary dinner function, visitors stayed for some time, looking at displays, the slide show, photos, and interacting.
  • Memorabilia from past years is slowly being accumulated and displayed.

 3.       Treasurer        

  • A report was provided that showed the Association’s current financial position.
  • A Purchase Order was issued to Allardice to commence work enhancing the email processing function.

 4.       Others:

         Neville Box, Brimbank Campus Principal, provided an update on College activities.

  • The College received two awards for community participation.
  • The VUSC rugby team are Victoria state champions, having defeated all comers.
  • A and B wings have been repainted and recarpeted, as was the staff room.
  • The campus enjoys good staff morale.
  • Work is being carried out at the Cairnlea campus to enable classes to commence.

 General Business:

1.       Election of Office Bearers:

  • President      Steven Rowley
  • Vice President      Jan Szostak
  • Secretary      Barrie Bowers
  • Treasurer      Richard Mielczarek
  • Committee Members      Stefan Vucak and David Hall

Become involved in Association activities! Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month at 7:30 pm at the Brimbank VUSC campus, college staff room, James St. Attend a meeting and see the Alumni Association at work!

If you want to attend, the next meeting is on June 5.