2012 - September

Sunday 16th September 2012

50th Jubilee Celebration!

The old St. Albans Technical School has endured for 50 years, serving the local community, past and present students. On 14 September the VUSC Brimbank campus was proud to celebrate the event at the Lakeside Banquet & Convention Centre. Some 165 people attended, getting old alumni together, younger students who added color and vitality, and a solid representation by the college faculty. The school band provided excellent dancing and listening music that accompanied a great dinner.

This did not end the celebrations, which continued with an Open School Day of the Brimbank campus the next day. The library provided a large selection of memorabilia, a commemorative booklet and wine glasses for those who did not attend the dinner. An ongoing slideshow gave everyone a glimpse of students, faculty and activates over the years. The staff room had an extensive collection of photo albums, and pictures lined the walls, which brought fond memories to everyone who attended. Outside, enterprising students arranged a barbecue where people could buy snacks and drinks while perusing the school grounds.

The VUSC Alumni Association displayed memorabilia and explained to attendees its goals and objectives, giving everyone an opportunity to become members and participate in Association activities.

The success of the Jubilee dinner and Open School Day is due to the hard work put in by Luisa Fletcher, with support from Genevieve Simson, College Principal. The Alumni Association extends its thanks and appreciation to both.

Also, big thanks to everyone who attended!

Click on the 'Photo Galleries' button and scroll down to the 50th Jubilee - 1962 to 2012 menu item for some images of the event.

DVD of the Event!

 If anyone would like to get a DVD of the Jubilee events, please write to the Alumni Association, enclosing $8.00 and a copy will be mailed to you. All funds raised would be used to promote Association activities, such as providing student sponsorships, grants, and future reunions. Donations are always gratefully accepted.

Barrie Bowers

Secretary, VUSC Alumni Association

PO Box 83,

St. Albans, Vic. 3021

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