Volume 1, Issue 1 - October, 2011

Wednesday 5th October 2011

Alumni launch dinner

To celebrate the formation of the Victorian University Secondary College (VUSC) Alumni Association, a launch dinner will be held on November 12 at the Ultima Reception Centre, Keilor. The event will be held from 6 pm to 11pm. Memorabilia from the old days will be on display. If you have an interesting item to show, bring it along. And if you are feeling exceptionally brave, you are welcome to stand up and share your school and life experiences with others.

Everyone is invited!

For Association members registered prior to the event, the cost is $50. If you are not a member, it will cost you $55. So, register and become a member. The cost includes meal and soft drinks. Other drinks will be available at bar prices.

Lots more information in the Association Blog!


A major event in 2012!

50th anniversary of the St. Albans Tech School

This is something that has everyone buzzing! It is hard to believe that in 1962, the St. Albans Technical School started as a collection of three small wings surrounded by open paddocks. It brings back fond memories. Seeing the VUSC campus sprawl now, with suburbia on all sides, a lot has happened to the place, including becoming a co-ed institution that has gone through several name transformations. As St. Albans and its surrounds expanded, so has the school, until today, it is a major centre of learning in the Western suburbs. This is definitely something worthy of celebration.

To successfully hold such a major event, the Alumni Association is working with the VUSC Administration in the promoting, planning and organizing potential activities. For this to work, the entire community needs to be involved. And you need to be involved! If you have ideas, suggestions or experience that will help make this something memorable, step forward and make yourself known to the Association Secretary, or attend our monthly meeting. Your help will be appreciated!

About the Alumni Association

Q. What is the VUSC  alumni association?

A. In November 2010 the Victoria University Secondary College Past Students and Staff Association was formally incorporated to bring together students and staff who attended the St. Albans Technical School, Jamieson Park College, Brimbank College and the VUSC.

Q. When does the Alumni Association meet?

A. Meetings are held at 7:30 pm on the first Wednesday of every month at the VUSC Staff Room.

Q. What are the purposes of an alumni association?

A. The Association was established to:

-  Help former students and staff to maintain social and networking contact through reunions, emails, web Blogs and celebrating major events.

-  Further the educational, social and professional needs of past and current students and staff.

-  Contribute to the welfare of the College.

Q. What are the benefits of joining an alumni association?

A. There are countless opportunities. In addition to gaining friendships, they include networking with leaders in all professions who attended one of the schools; direct business and professional opportunities; serving on the Alumni Association committee and organizing events.

Q. What are the fees and costs involved with membership in an alumni association?

A. Membership is open to all past students, as well as past and present staff. Initial joining fee is $10, plus an annual membership fee of $20. If you wish to provide additional support through a donation of $100 or more, you will be recorded as a Foundation member of the Association. Senior students who register as members before leaving school may join without any joining fee or annual fee for the first year.

Q. Are members of the alumni association required to contribute to the association?

A. Members are not required to make ongoing contributions. However, to assist with sponsorship programs, contributions of any amount are always encouraged, welcomed - and appreciated!

Q: How can I get more information?

A. Contact the Secretary, Barrie Bowers by letter at:

VUSC, PO Box 83 St Albans, 3021 or email VUSCassociation@hotmail.com

Also refer to the Association Blog: http://vuscalumni.blogspot.com/

What else is going on?

Do you have stories about your school experiences and are willing to share them? If so, we would like to highlight them in our newsletter. Please e-mail your stories in Word and photos as jpg files. A picture really does say a thousand words!

Get involved with the Association! Become a member! Attend out meetings. If you are not sure how to get there, e-mail the Secretary. Lots of things are happening and you can make a valuable contribution - and have fun along the way!

Office bearers for 2011

President: Steven Rowley (Student 1964-68)

Vice President: Richard de Gabriele (Student 1962-66)

Secretary: Barrie Bowers (Staff 1965-8, 2003-10)

Treasurer; Richard Mielczarek (Staff 1975-2008, 2011)

Committee members: Luisa Fletcher- Staff , Maurice Bradley, Victor Dalinkiewicz, Bruno Krejan,  Marian Tomanek, Roman Sawko, Jan Szostak and Stefan Vucak, all students from the 1960s.