What's Going on in December

Thursday 8th December 2011

Alumni Launch Dinner and AGM

Due to lack of past students and staff willing to attend the planned November 22 Alumni Association launch dinner, an informal gathering took place on November 25 at the Galli Estate Winery restaurant. The event also served as the Annual General Meeting, as required by the Association constitution.

Following a brief session where office bearers presented their reports for the year ended 2011, Steven Rowley was re-elected unopposed as the Association President. While growth in membership has been sluggish, we have managed to obtain records for some 3,500 students and staff. However, much work is left to be done to bring on board students from 1984 onward. Through the efforts of David Veale, VUSC representative, the Association now has an office at the VUSC St. Albans campus. This will give us working space and an opportunity to display memorabilia. The big event next year is organising the 50th anniversary of the St. Albans Technical School, which will keep everyone busy.

Once the formal speeches died down, the evening settled into serious drinking and enjoying great food provided by the restaurant. An opportunity was given to attendees to speak briefly about themselves, their life's history, achievements and aspirations.  At end of the evening, Barrie Bowers displayed old St. Albans Tech photos.

All in all, the event was a great success and it is hoped that past students will take an opportunity to attend future Association gatherings.

Alumni Website Almost Ready!

After two months of solid development by the Allardice Group, the Association website is almost ready for its launch.  The site is undergoing final testing and it is expected that before end of the year, the site will be linked into the official VUSC website and made available to everyone. Some 3,500 student records from 1962 to 1983 will be loaded into the records database, enabling past students and staff to log into the system, update their information, set their required level of security and hopefully register as Association members.

The Alumni Association extends its formal thanks to Allardice for their work and to Tim Schubert, IT Manager, for his cooperation, suggestions and efforts into making a professional website.

Planning the 50th Anniversary Event

Dianne Hayes has been appointed by the VUSC School Board as chair of a four-member Community Liaison and Policy Committee. At the last Biard meeting, six staff volunteered to be part of the managing Committee to plan, organize and conduct the 50th anniversary of the old St. Albans Technical School. This is a great start as it demonstrates the school's commitment to make this event a success.

On 7 December, a meeting was held by the Community Liaison Committee, discussing how to move forward with the planning for the anniversary event. The Alumni Association will throw its full support behind the Anniversary Committee, participating in the planning and work required to launch the event. A committee chairman is to be elected and a first formal meeting to be held some time in February, following the school holiday break.

Past students are encouraged to become involved in organizing the 50th anniversary. There is lots to do and your help would be greatly appreciated. If you are interest at participating, please contact the Association Secretary using the Contact Us function.