What's Going on in November

Sunday 20th November 2011

Association Launch Dinner Cancelled!

The Association Committee contacted over 300 past St. Albans Tech school students with an invitation to attend the launch dinner planned for November 12. Unfortunately, due to a disappointing response, the dinner had to be cancelled.
However, for all those who expressed an interest, everything is not lost! An informal get together is being held on Friday, November 25 at the Galli Estate Winery restaurant, located near the corner of Melton Highway and Leakes Road Rockbank. Come along, share a few drinks and meet old schoolmates!

School Council to get the 50th Anniversary Moving!

Dianne Hayes has been appointed by the VUSC School Board as Chair of the four-member Community Liaison Group. On 9 November, Ms Hayes attended a Board meeting to discuss appointment of a chairperson to manage the 50th anniversary of the St. Albans Tech school. School staff are to be invited to participate in the running committee to plan, organize and conduct the reunion. The Alumni Association will provide full support to the committee to ensure a successful event.

Your help and participation would be greatly appreciated! Contact the Association Secretary if you want to be involved.